• PE/COEX bottle series

    •         Multi-layer high barrier bottle produced by our company is a kind of high density polyethylene as the base, the organic solvent barrier -- the highest quality synthetic polymers as inner, middle and adhesive resin bonding of high-tech products, it can effectively overcome the single PET bottle on the organic solvent penetration, volatility and single PE bottle easy to absorb water, defect of DMF resistance, high temperature etc.. In addition to the high barrier bottle also has a gas barrier, the barrier can not only oxygen, but also can effectively prevent air and packaged by the smell (such as pesticides, chemicals, food, cosmetics fragrance smell).

    •         The product has been favored by the pesticide, chemical and food enterprises, especially for the pesticide import and export corporation.

  • 300ML-HX-1

  • 300ML-HX-2

  • 300ML-HX-3