HengXin Production management

One、 electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine:

Full automatic sealing machine, semi-automatic sealing machine, hand sealing machine.

Two 、 electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing film:

It can print the corresponding logo and graphic, showing the uniqueness and brand image of the enterprise products.

Three、 mold:

Various sizes and logos bottles and covers can be customized.


HengXin Quality Assurance

Quality management policy • always remember that quality is the cornerstone of constant new survival, and it is the reason why customers choose high quality products. • accurately deliver customer requirements and expectations to the new whole value chain and build quality together. • respect for the new rules process, once to make things right; to play the potential of all staff, continuous improvement. • quick response to customer needs to achieve sustainable development...


HengXin Spirit and values

The material is limited by the spirit is infinite, the spirit of enterprise culture is the spirit of enterprise, the new constant is through "constant innovation, Zhiyuan spirit, with common values, moral standards, goals to guide and encourage the staff for the new constant lofty career and work hard to achieve unlimited creation. Outer tree image and internal refining quality are the main components of our corporate culture.